Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Google Maps

Sorry it has been a while.
Yesterday, and then again today, I showed my Tech Safety and Responsibility classes Tracking Teresa put out by NetSmartz. Before the video we looking at Teresa's profile and circled what we thought was too much information.
After the video we talked about how easy it is to find someone using the Internet. I showed them Google Maps with both Satellite view and Street View. They were shocked how close you could get to your house. A couple of students even found sibling, cousins, and friends outside their house.
We also talked about how you could find information when you enter your phone number in Google. I mentioned as the video did how you could request your phone number not be listed. If they thought their number shouldn't be on Google they needed to tell their parents to request its removal though. We also talked about Reverse Lookup.
The students could not believe all they were able to find. For the last 15 minutes of class students used Google and Reverse Lookup to see what they could find about their address/phone number. I really feel this was a great lesson. I wish I could do this with all students. Students were able to see first hand why they shouldn't include any personal information of their profile(s).


Ann Oro said...

What grade level are these students. I like the idea in this lesson. I'll have to take a look at Netsmartz. I haven't really used that material yet.

Michelle Russell said...

Tech Safety is a mandatory class for 6th grade and new 7th and 8th graders.

Ann Oro said...

Hi Michelle:
I'm back again to tag you with a Wordle meme that is going around (if you are interested).

I finally had a chance to look at that Tracking Teresa video. It is well done. I think I will use it as a basis for some teaching about Internet safety this year. I work with the students every year on these topics and I'm always looking for a new way to present the information.

The video is very tiny. Is there a larger version available? I will probably use it as a basis for exploration with the students. I will let you know what we end up doing.

Michelle Russell said...

Sorry Ann I just saw your post. On this page: http://www.netsmartz.org/education/download/ you can find NetSmartz downloads. I downloaded Tracking Teresa and when I played it back I used QuickTime and full screen mode. Hope that helps!