Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interactive White Board

I want one! I have seen presentations by Promethean and SmartBoard. I like them both. They are just both very pricey. I also wonder if it would be worth it is a computer lab. I definitely see the benefit in a regular education classroom, but what about the computer lab? Is there a way to get a grant to get these boards? What about Train the Trainer programs? How can I get involved with those? I believe, the school we are having the DEN Midwest Regional at has a SmartBoard in every room. How lucky!
Do you have experience with Interactive White Boards? How can I get involved?

Midwest DEN Regional

This weekend I have been attending the DEN Midwest Regional Conference. We were presented with a variety of information. As soon as I get home and decompress, I plan on writing on a variety of resourses to share with all of you!