Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interactive White Board

I want one! I have seen presentations by Promethean and SmartBoard. I like them both. They are just both very pricey. I also wonder if it would be worth it is a computer lab. I definitely see the benefit in a regular education classroom, but what about the computer lab? Is there a way to get a grant to get these boards? What about Train the Trainer programs? How can I get involved with those? I believe, the school we are having the DEN Midwest Regional at has a SmartBoard in every room. How lucky!
Do you have experience with Interactive White Boards? How can I get involved?


Pat said...

Try for a grant from NICE! At least it could be money towards the purchase. I definitely think you could use it in a Computer Lab. Two of our schools use them in the lab and they work very well.

Ryan Bretag said...

Hi Michelle:

I don't particularly like the interactive boards in the labs unless these exist already in the classrooms. For one, the mere excitement of the board would drive teachers to go to the lab and potentially BY-PASS the computers -- in other words, they would occupy the lab merely for the IWB.

Perhaps try one on wheels and see how it all plays out.

We have a lot of SMART in the classrooms but we switched from the pure excitement of having technology to really pushing adult learning with this tool. Because of this, we've seen quite an increase not only in usage but effective usage.

I'd be happy to share what we've done and are still doing. Also, try to connect with the local SMART Technologies educator -- she is great!

Finally, be sure to visit

Ann Oro said...

Our school won the Win a Wireless Lab sweepstakes. I think the sweepstakes starts up again in the new year. They have been wonderfully generous to my school.