Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seven Things

Currently going around the educational blog circles is a meme called "Seven Things". I was tagged by Ann Oro. I'm going to share seven things I wouldn't normally blog about.

1. I have been married to my husband for over three years. We "reconnected" on Jdate. He was roommates with a guy whose family is really good friends with my family. In fact, he had been to my house 2 times prior to us "reconnecting". My husband, Dan likes to say I stalked him, but I didn't!

2. For our wedding we made our own chuppah. Well, actually we didn't make our own. We sent squares to our wedding party and to close family and friends. A neighbor who quilts, quilted our chuppah for us. It was very meaningful to be married under something that our friends and family were part of.

3. I pay the bills for our household.

I have a beagle/basset mix that we adopted from a shelter. She has separation anxiety and is on doggy Prozac.

5. I love to cross stitch. I taught myself how to cross stitch when I was a senior in college. I was student teaching and not taking that many classes. I was bored. When my 4 year old niece was born I made her a crib quilt.

6. Over a year ago I broke my leg and had a rod put in it. I then got viral meningitis; most likely from a mosquito bite. (Although, now looking back I had many symptoms of West Nile Virus so it is possible I was misdiagnosed.)

7. My husband has never been to Disney World. I would like to take him to Disney sometime soon. Many people told me you should go to Disney before you have kids for a different experience.

Now I have to tag 7 people. I am not really good with the tagging part. I am going to tag 7 people who I would like to find more about.
7 People I am tagging:
Carol Broos
Judi Epcke
Ann Truger
Charlene Chausis
Lucy Gray
Vinnie Vrotny
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